About Polypipe

Our purpose is to co-create sustainable solutions to help preserve our planet and its people.
With more than 60 years of experience in the Middle East, we understand the water management
problems cities face and are continually evolving our systems and products to challenge the events
brought on by an ever-changing climate, cities, and urban areas – as well as helping to make the
people who live within these areas have a more comfortable and environmentally secure future.
From innovative drainage systems for the world’s tallest buildings to the preservation and
management of the region’s stormwater, Polypipe design, manufacture and supply durable
solutions supporting the green Urbanisation and multifunctional spaces while helping sustain the
future development of the Middle East. Our locally based engineers provide a market-leading
range of bespoke stormwater management systems allowing you to select the optimum end-to-end solution for treatment and flow control.

Since 2004 we have been successfully manufacturing engineered Sustainable Urban Drainage
Systems (SuDS) to support the construction industry at every stage of its growth – and helping it
to move forward with solutions that demonstrate exceptional performance. With continuous
research and development, we have become the market leader in water management solutions –
designing drainage systems that successfully meet the requirements of today’s construction