Shehab currently holds a position as Methods and Controls Director for Orascom Construction, across Egypt, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa.

In his role, Shehab brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the organization’s digital transformation; building on his construction experience and adopting future-forward innovation and technologies to develop and deploy new and advanced construction methodologies.

Shehab has dedicated his career to evolving advanced strategies in the construction sector, with over three decades, starting his journey in 1992 with Orascom Construction, where he had several commercial and management positions.

In 2007, Shehab was appointed as Director of Project Development for the Greenfield Mega Fertilizer plant in Algeria, where he led the project’s end-to-end accomplishment.

Following the success in Algeria, Shehab was further appointed as Director of Project Development for two greenfield mega fertilizer plants in the USA, holding the responsibility of constituting strategies for various project components, up to Project Completion and successful operation.

In his current role, Shehab continues to drive change by leading the methods and Project Controls functions, deploying standardised processes and innovative techniques, transforming the construction landscape. Shehab also spearheads the Technical Office Support function and leads the company’s vision and efforts towards successful BIM implementation.

With a passion for ongoing self-growth and development, Shehab attends ongoing Executive Leadership Programs and is keen on mentorship and coaching for individuals within and outside the organization.

Shehab holds an MBA from Georgia State University and in Structural Engineering from Ain Shams University.